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Some Other Monitoring Companies Don't Tell You ...

  • Independent review of your systems capability to help prevent loss. Zone by zone walk test activation log as received on screen at the monitoring station so you can check it works and that area descriptions are accurate.
  • Review of code numbers and users entered in your system, are these still valid?
  • Review keyholder lists and response information.
  • Is telephone line monitoring enabled on your system? Does the external siren operate if line is cut?
  • Panel location and tamper active?
  • Sensor tampers active?
  • In the event of an alarm activation we compare for you (at no cost) the alarm time logged in your system with the time stamp at monitoring and the on time response at site.
  • Performance checks controlling events rather than picking up pieces.

PS We monitor many schools and public buildings with high risk. Your situation is also important to us  

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Monitoring System Applications 
used by our customers - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Transmits coded signals fro intruder and smoke detection. Multi-zone capability.

Custom monitoring of plant and equipment, reduces production down time and profit loss.

Gives both domestic and professional caregivers individual monitoring
of patients.

Monitors farm houses, growing sheds, glass houses chicken sheds and
stand-by power generators.

Early warning of possible spills  and leaks of hazardous goods.
Avoid environmental damage, litigation and bad company PR.

Discreet monitoring of 'no go' areas, such as stock rooms and
inventory storage areas.