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Around the clock security

The remarkable New Classic PC1616 has elevated the standard in traditional security. Created through leading edge technology, the PC1616 offers the most modern, hybrid security and fire protection.

A broad range of security features and functions for protection of lives and property, whether at home or at work,

It also offers a new level of alarm communications including personal paging - and it incorporates sophisticated false alarm prevention features. Exceptional ease of use and reliability. With its powerful capability for improving the protection of lives and possessions, the New Classic PC1616 truly offers around the clock security.

Smoke and heat detector monitoring

Fire is as much a threat to security as an intruder.  The PC1616 provides connections to smoke detectors and heat detectors.  Even if you are not at home the PC1616 can summon the Fire Department automatically.

Hardwired and wireless

A broad range of hardwired and wireless detection devices available to meet your very specific needs.  Wireless technology can be installed in a fraction of the time conventional systems take, reducing any disruption at the site.

Control at your fingertips

Option of remote control devices including a wireless key, for arming and disarming the system, and a portable hand-held keypad.  You are always in control wherever you are.

24 hour emergency communications

Enjoy the security of 'round the clock', instant access to police, fire or ambulance services.  Alarms will be instantly relayed to a monitoring station which will then summon help.  Programmable for automatic notification to your pager.

Single function key convenience

operating the PC1616 system is fast and easy.  Special optional features allow you to quickly arm the system, and perform other functions with the push of a button.

Immediate Response Emergency Keys

Summoning help in an emergency is lightening - quick. Once the system is programmed, simply press the emergency key for two seconds and an alarm will be sent to the central monitoring station, for immediate notification of the proper authorities.

Remote Service

The offsite upload and download service capabilities of the PC1616 mean that, should an equipment problem ever occur, it can usually be identified and diagnosed over the phone - often eliminating the need for a service call altogether.

False Alarm Prevention

At DSC, we don't like false alarms any more than you do, so the PC1616 has over a dozen sophisticated SIA false alarm prevention features built into it.

The PC1616 is manufactured by DSC, an ISO 9001 registered company. DSC has an enviabl reputation for creating breakthrough products that stand the test of time. You can rest assured that your security system is of the highest quality.