How secure your property is reflects your attitude to home security. A positive attitude means making the effort to ensure that the four most important steps listed below are taken:

  • Fit reliable locks to all doors and windows

  • Install a quality monitored alarm system with a reputable security company

  • Put security markings on all your property

  • Join your local neighbourhood watch group

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Securing your Home

Going away Checklist

Here is a more comprehensive list of steps you can take to secure your home. The main objective is to keep unwanted people out of your home.

This is a very useful checklist that everyone should follow before leaving your home for a holiday.

  • Fit security stays to all accessible windows for ventilation when home. Lock windows when going out.

  • Fit locks to all accessible windows.

  • Install external lighting and alarms as appropriate.

  • Lock your letterbox with a padlock.

  • Lock the garage - a close shackle padlock and strong hasp and staple will provide extra security.

  • Fit locks to any window that opens in your garden shed and a padlock and strong hasp to the door. Lock ladders and tools in shed or garage

  • Back doors are often fitted with simple 2 lever mortice lock or key and knob and this should be used in conjunction with a strong deadbolt. The back of your house is more vulnerable than the front.

  • Secure gates with a quality padlock and a strong cable or chain,

  • Fit a lock with a deadbolt to the front door and all other external doors including connecting door between garage and house.

  • Fit hinge bolts to outward opening hinged doors, top and bottom. Fit sliding door deadlock with an anti-lift device to sliding patio doors. Fit patiobolts to deck or patio doors.

  • Keep shrubs trimmed so that they do not cloak any intruder activities. Display warning signs.

  • Lock all doors and windows, including garage, house and garden shed.

  • Cancel postal, newspaper and milk deliveries.

  • Lock away all tools and ladders.

  • Arrange for lawns and shrubs to be trimmed while you are away.

  • Mark all your possessions with your own security mark.

  • Display "Beware" signs if you have a dog or alarm - advertise it.

  • Leave a radio on quietly.

  • Do NOT draw your curtains.

  • Leave appropriate internal light(s) on connected to a timer so it goes on at night only.

  • Advise your neighbours of your plans. Arrange for mail to be collected or held by the postal service.

  • Consult your neighbourhood watch group.

  • Divert or unplug your phone.