Like every Yale quality assured product, the new range of Yale Fire Safes has been designed

with your peace of mind in focus. The entire range has been built and thoroughly tested to withstand

intense heat and humidity, leaving your most precious documents in good hands.

Two types of highly resistant safe-boxes guarantee a high level of fire resistance protection.

The Yale Fire Safes for Documents protects your passports and all precious paper documents.

The Yale Data Fire Safe contains an additional "safe within a safe" insulation layer.

This protects extra sensitive digital data, whether they are on an external hard-drive, CD ROMs, DVDs or tapes.



Extensive testing has proved by incorporating several key elements in to our Certified models we can greatly

improve performance. As a result the Yale safes have been awarded Silver Certification in the

'Sold Secure accreditation' (Sold Secure, UK, 2007). The majority of insurance companies in New Zealand

accept Sold Secure Silver Certification for the Watches and Jewellery policy endorsement.

Research (ASE, Consumer Research, July 2007, UK) shows that people generally want safes of a practical size

and of a neutral colour. This is especially important for the growing numbers of individuals living in smaller homes,

where space is at a premium. Research also shows that, where possible, most people prefer their safes to be bolted to

the floor, or to the wardrobe wall. All our safes take these facts into account. All Certified Safes are fully-lined to

further protect their contents. As safes are most often hidden in dark places, we've also included a more intuitive

LCD screen that lights up when entering your PIN code, and bright interior (LED) lights that come on when opening the door.

(When using the electronic code pad).




Keeping passports, birth certificates, cards, cash and keys in a safe, not only keeps them secure,

but keeping valuables in the same place makes them easier to find when you need them!



Looks can be deceiving, but don’t be fooled. The Yale Mini Safe has all the benefits of a larger safe,

but in a convenient smaller size to keep your most treasured items secure.

Perfect for keeping essential items such as passports, cards, cash, keys and other items safely hidden away.

The Yale Mini Safe may be small in size, but is huge on security.


  • Programmable combination of 3 to 8 digits
  • Manual override function with 2 security keys supplied
  • Battery compartment is located inside the door to prevent tampering
  • Incorrect entry feature - Inputting the incorrect code 4 times locks out the code pad for 1 minute.
  • Manual override can be used during the lock out



When looking for a safe, you look for protection, this fire safe comes with a combination dial and also protects your

valuables inside from a fire for nearly 1 hour.




Yale offers a range of key and cash safes to organize your keys and keep your cash secure,

allowing peace of mind in knowing your valuables are always safe.